Find Out How to Join

Membership in the Beta Alpha Alumni Association consists of initiates of the collegiate chapter who are in good standing with the fraternity and are no longer an undergraduate of any other chapter. Membership will be classified as either “active” or “inactive.” To maintain your “active” status you must pay dues each year from inception and continually pay to remain in good standing.

The objectives of this organization shall be:

  • to foster the allegiance of its members toward Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity.
  • to further the interests of the collegiate chapter.
  • to stimulate and facilitate membership activities.
  • to maintain and to promote true friendship among all members of the fraternity.

What are the dues?

The annual dues of just $50.00 per year shall be paid prior to the annual meeting which is held on the last Saturday of April every year at the University of Missouri – Columbia.

In addition to the annual dues Active members may receive membership designations based on annual donations in excess of dues. Membership designations may come with additional privilege and shall be paid prior to the annual meeting. Active members may designate their donation to one or more of the following membership designations:

  • Social Fellow – Minimum $100 annual donation by an in-state member and $50 annual donation by an out-of-state member grants free attendance to sanctioned events.
  • Sustaining Fellow – Minimum $100 annual donation to be designated to the collegiate chapter recruitment fund.
  • Academic Fellow – Minimum $100 annual donation to be designated to the collegiate chapter scholarship fund.

Active members that are not Social Fellow’s may also attend sanctioned events as paid attendees. Costs and due dates can be obtained by contacting the current Vice President of Programming.

If you’d like to become a member or learn more about membership please contact any one of the executive board members and we would happy to talk Sig Tau with you.